Film Review: Spider-Man: Homecoming - Tom Holland Shines In His First Solo Outing As Spider-Man!

Spider-Man finally gets his chance to shine on the big screen in his own solo outing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Marvel Studios' Spider-Man: Homecoming. Although Spider-Man: Homecoming is the sixth Spider-Man film in over 15 years, it feels so fresh and active. The film is mostly aimed at the younger audience with the film... Continue Reading →


Film Review: The Founder 

The Founder is a biopic film based on Ray Kroc who you may know as the Founder of McDonalds. This film explorers his journey to success and his discovery of McDonalds. The film gives audiences an insight of how Ray Kroc who is played by Michael Keaton, a struggling salesman from Illinois, met Mac and... Continue Reading →

Film Review: Keeping Up With The Joneses 

Keeping Up With The Joneses is an action comedy film which stars Gal Gadot, Jon Hamm, Isla Fiser and Zach Galifianakis. The film's plot is about a family called the Gaffneys' who's lives are interrupted by the arrival of new neighbors,  Tim Jones is an accomplished travel writer whose hobbies include blowing glass, and his... Continue Reading →

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