Final Justice League trailer makes things more exciting!

The brand new and possibly the final trailer for the Justice League finally arrived and I must admit there is a lot for fans to be excited about. 

After the success of Wonder Woman, it looks as though Warner Bros. have thrown everything they can to promote their upcoming Justice League film which will bring Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman and Superman together for the first time on the big screen. 

The new trailer arrives just three months after Warner Bros. released the previous trailer but this time, fans have got a lot to be excited about. 

DC’s new Justice League trailer opens with Lois Lane walking outside what seems to be the house of Clark Kent and looks into the distance in a cornfield where she sees Clark Kent. He says a few words (which I will save for you so you can enjoy the trailer) and then Lois Lane wakes up. Now whether this small scene was real life or in a dream which Lois Lane will have been having, we don’t know but it does leave the door open to a lot of speculation until the film arrives in November. 

In comparison to the previous trailer, this one is definitely the bigger and packed with a lot of content. 

We get a few glimpses of the superheroes in action which I feel is great because it really gets you more excited. We also get to see some shots of both Bruce Wayne and Diana showing off their style with their new cars which is also very interesting to see.

I must admit the trailer has definitely got me super excited for the film and I cannot wait to see it when it arrives in cinemas iN November. 

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Written by Riaz Osman – @OsmanRiaz98 –