Warner Brothers Officially Unveil DCEU Movies Slate

Warner Bros. in 2014 announced that they would be launching a DC Extended Universe and now with only four films into the DCEU, they look like they are doing pretty well.

After numerous announcements at San Diego Comic Con 2017, Warner Bros. officially unveiled their movies slate and I cannot help but get excited by seeing how many great films are on this list:

  • Justice League 
  • Aquaman 
  • Shazam 
  • Suicide Squad 2 
  • The Batman 
  • Justice League Dark 
  • Batgirl 
  • Green Lantern Corps 
  • The Flash: Flashpoint 
  • Wonder Woman 2

It looks like there are a lot of big films which Warner Bros. is looking to release over the next couple of years and as you may have already noticed, there are a few big titles in there such as The Batman, Justice League Dark, Green Lantern Corps and The Flash: Flashpoint.

With Ben Affleck putting an end to all the media trash talk about him leaving the DCEU, it looks like he is fully committed to playing the Batman for a very long time and possibly star in his own Batman trilogy which Warner Bros. are currently working on at the moment.

Justice League Dark will be a very different type of film within the DCEU and I am sure that it will bring something new and fresh to the DCEU as well the the superhero genre.

One of the most anticipated films on the list is Green Lantern Corps which will bring the Green Lanterns into the DCEU and it will allow fans to explore a whole new and very exciting world.

The Flash: Flashpoint is probably one of the biggest titles on the list with it being an adaption of the Flashpoint comic storyline which explores Barry Allen’s mission to try and save his mother by traveling back in time but the consequences which he faces in doing so.

I think Warner Bros. are in a strong position with the DCEU with many great films set to arrive as the DCEU continues to grow and bring new DC characters to life on the big screen.

Written by Riaz Osman – @OsmanRiaz98 – https://twitter.com/osmanriaz98

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