Avatar 2 Will Introduce A Whole New 3D Experience.

The first Avatar film was released when 3D was hitting cinemas all over the world in a massive way, giving film fans a whole new cinema experience but thanks to the huge advancement in technology it looks as though Avatar 2 won’t require 3D glasses.

The news comes from Inquisitr who have reported that Avatar 2 and all the sequels which will follow the film will use an RGB laser projection systems that will exclude the need for film fans to wear 3D glasses to watch a 3D film. This system will provide bright images at a high frame rate which will enable crisp visuals which will eliminate the need for 3D glasses.

With many fans waiting for the sequel to James Cameron’s extraordinary film, it looks as though the director has been busy creating something special. 

The technology that is being developed to enable this new 3D feature is being done by Christie Digital, who have teamed with James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment to try and bring this new experience alive  for fans to enjoy. 

The president and CEO of Christie Digital stated: “In addition to the latest in projection technologies, Christie is fully committed to sharing our ongoing research and development efforts, including product roadmaps, with our co-visionary, Lightstorm, so that its productions will repeat the awe-inspiring success of Avatar in the years to come,” 

Avatar 2 has been rumoured to focus on a very way themed story and could feature and explore a very twisted relationship between the humans and that Na’vi. It has also been rumoured that the sequel will explore Pandora’s oceans, which should provide plenty of opportunities for 3D as well as the possibility of exploring new creatures.very twisted said to have a war-themed plot.

There are four Avatar films planned for release in the Decembers of 2020, 2021, 2024, and 2025. 

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