20th Century Fox To Begin Development On New Fantastic Four Movie.

Well it looks like 20th Century Fox are in the process of beginning development on a new Fantastic Four movie.

The news comes after recent rumours surfaced stating that Fox is looking to take another shot at the Fantastic Four, but this time it looks like the studio will be taking a more different approach to the film by reinventing the Fantastic Four as youngsters with some inspiration being taken from the Ultimate Fantastic Four comics. 

With the Studio having success with the first Fantastic Four, Fox released the sequel in 2007 “Rise of the Silver Surfer which was actually a good film and was well received but the studio later decided to move forward with a reboot even though many fans loved the 2005/2007 Fantastic Four films.

20th Century Fox recently look to have found success in launching their own Cinematic Universe with the X-Men films and look to expand it more with spin offs and possibly even the Fantastic Four. 

Now with recent rumours about a new Fantastic Four movie in development it looks as though Fox is looking to focus on characters such Franklin and Valeria who are the children of Reed Richards aka Mr Fantastic and Susan Storm aka Invisible Woman, while still having the Thing and the Human Torch along for the ride. 

I think this would be a great way for the studio to actually bring back the original 2005 Fantastic Four cast of Jessica Alba, Ioan Gruffard and Michael Chiklis with the possibility of having this film take place a couple of years after the events of “Rise of the Silver Surfer” which would see the original cast a little bit older and experienced, playing a more supportive role whilst the film’s main focus is on the development of Franklin and Valeria and with Chris Evans now playing Captain America, Fox could recast the role of the Human Torch with Channing Tatum.

This would be a great move for 20th Century Fox to make with the foundation already being there ready for them to build on with Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer ending with the marriage of Reed Richards and Susan Storm which would make sense with a new film taking place years later focusing on their children. This would also allow Fox to connect the Fantastic Four a lot easier to their Cinematic Universe.

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