Film Review: Logan – The greatest superhero film of the century!

One of the most anticipated films of 2017 has finally arrived, being released in cinemas everywhere. Logan has been a film  which many superhero fans have been excited about seeing this year, since not only is it Hugh Jackman’s possible last outing as the Wolverine but it is also said to be the final film which follows the original X-Men film timeline.

Logan takes place a couple of years after X-Men: Days of the Future Past In the near future where we see an old Logan caring for an even older and unwell Professor X near the Mexican border. Logan has a plan to hide from the outside world in order to protect the Professor and himself from being exposed as Mutants since there are only a few which exist. Logan’s plan to hide is disrupted when he meets a young mutant (Dafne Keen) who is shares some similar abilities as him is being hunted by a group of dark forces who want to capture her. Logan must now protect the girl and battle the dark forces.

Logan is a very different film compared to previous X-Men instalments as we get to explore a more older Wolverine in a very dark and dangerous world for mutants. We also experience the more real and violent side of Wolverine which we haven’t seen in any previous films.

I really thought that this film was well made and well structured and you have got to give credit to Director James Mangold for imagining and creating such an amazing film, I mean after watching Logan I was blown away. 

because we get to explore the friendship between Wolverine and Professor X a lot more in depth and how far they have both come since X-Men (2000) and the way the film has been delivered really touches your heart.

Logan was a very different film from previous X-Men films because it involves a lot more action, violence and it was a lot more darker. The way the film was made kind of loosened some of the screws, allowing Wolverine to really show his true colours when fighting his enemies or when trying to protect Professor X. 

I think the way this film has been structured and planned is brilliant because in the first half of the film we get to explore what the future world is like for Mutants such as Wolverine, Professor X and Caliban and other remaining Mutants, in the middle of the film the action begins to kick in with more events becoming more exposed building up to the main event. The film has been well made and is very successful at grabbing the attention of the audience, always keeping them on the edges of their seats and excited about what could happen next. 

Hugh Jackman did say a couple of months ago that Logan would be the last time he would play the Wolverine and I think he did a sensational job in this film because he delivered a fantastic performance as an older and more angry Wolverine, he was so phenomenal that I think he should win an Academy award not only for this film but for his hard work and commitment to the whole X-Men franchise since 2000. I would honestly love to see Hugh Jackman return as the Wolverine because he is just an amazing actor, it’s like he is Wolverine and Wolverine is him and that they’ve both merged to become one person. 

Patrick Stewart returned as Professor X in this film and I thought he did a great job playing an older and more fragile Professor X, he bought in more humour to the role and delivered a tremendous performance. 

The two actors really were phenomenal and it was great to see them both once again on the big screen together. Seeing Logan and the way it was made makes it the ultimate culmination of the whole main X-Men series and it marks the end of an era because I think that it kind of acts as a passing of a hero and a rise of a new hero and I think there is a possibility that X-23 will replace Wolverine in the X-Men franchise going forward.

Now Logan in my opinion is a fantastic film and I feel that it outshines the whole X-Men franchise and I think 20th Century Fox have finally found a solution to achieving success with their superhero films and I think that solution is R-Rated films. Deadpool which was an R-Rated film made by 20th Century Fox received a good response from the public and was a successful box office hit. 20th Century Fox decided to make a gamble in making the same approach to Logan and it looks like they are now happy they made Logan an R-Rated film because it’s now made $500 Million in just three weeks which is incredible. The film is also on the way to possibly achieving more success than deadpool. 

I think Director James Mangold has created a whole new area in the superhero genre with Logan, showing us that superhero films can be successful if each single film tells a story instead of being split into multiple films and being built up to the main event. James Mangold has proven that you don’t need a Cinematic Universe to be successful. 

Is it the greatest superhero film of the century? I would say yes but there have been many great superhero films over the years but I would put Logan up there as one of the greatest because I feel that the story told a great story about survival, friendship and hope and it was a superhero film which was well planned and well made. Logan also shows that you really don’t need a Cinematic Universe to tell a story and instead you could tell a great story in a single film. 

Logan was a brilliant film and I don’t want to give much away but I will say that because it was well structured, followed a great plot and the sensational performances from Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart, I am going to have to give it 10/10 and officially certify the film as PHENOMENAL!

Written by Riaz Osman – @OsmanRiaz98 –