Tom Holland talks Spider-Man: Homecoming Comic-Con footage

Marvel Studios were spectacular at this year’s San Diego Comic Con and bought many fans a big bag full of surprises, news and more.


Now ever since Marvel and Sony agreed on a deal to allow Spider-Man to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans have seen the webslinger make his debut in this year’s Captain America: Civil War but are still eager to see Tom Holland as Peter Parker/ Spider-Man in his own film.

Now the people who attended Hall H at Comic-Con 2016 were very lucky because they got a first look at the new Spidey in action while he also deals with the ups and downs of being in high school. However, there was a part of the teaser that left a majority of the l audience wondering what it will mean for the young Peter Parker and the future of Spider-Man.


In the footage we saw Peter Parker in class watching a YouTube video of his battle against Giant Man as seen in Captain America: Civil War. While many of us would do the same if we were a high-schooler who was recruited by Tony Stark himself to go to Berlin and fight Captain America and his team, Peter was later shown mixing a new web fluid formula at school, which made fans think there could be more reasons for him to watch the video than just nostalgia or mere narcissism.

In an interview with io9, Tom Holland was asked about the reason why Peter could be watching that video, to which he replied that he can’t answer it fully without ruining anything, but it’s “like when you go on holiday and you come home, back to school and you’re like ‘wow, I wish I was on holiday again.’”

Holland went on to talk about the tone of the movie and revealed that the teaser shown at SDCC achieved what he and director Jon Watts are going for: A movie about a high school student juggling the responsibilities of being a student as well as having superpowers and everything that comes with that. Holland said:

“I remember sitting down with Jon, a year ago, and saying ‘What do you want to make?’ And he told me he wants to make a movie that’s real. About a real high school student and what would he do if he got superpowers? And that’s exactly what we’ve been doing. And I think that trailer really demonstrates Jon’s vision and what it is he wants to create and I behind it 100%.”


Unlike Sam Raimi’s take on the web-slinger and later Marc Webb’s vision with The Amazing Spider-Man, Homecoming won’t be an origin story, which already brings a fresh start to fans who are – in its majority – not into seeing Peter being bitten and uncle Ben dying once more. If we can conclude anything from the footage shown at SDCC, it’s that Spider-Man: Homecoming has the potential to become a favorite among Spidey’s fans, as it shows a version of Peter Parker closer to the one we have come to know in the comics and later in animated series.

So what do you guys think? You looking forward to seeing Tom Holland as Spider-Man? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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Written by Riaz Osman @OsmanRiaz98