Film Review: X-Men: Apocalypse – Is it the best X-Men film yet?

The next chapter in the X-Men film franchise “X-Men: Apocalypse” is known to be one of the most anticipated films of 2016 and has finally been released in cinemas with Marvel and X-Men fans excited to see what happens next after the events of “X-Men: Days of the Future Past”.


20th Century Fox have done a brilliant job in promoting the new X-Men film and have also been enjoying this year after achieving a good amount of success with the Deadpool film.

The X-Men film franchise has had a few ups and downs but has done really well since the first film’s release back in 2000 and has gone to become one of the greatest superhero film franchises of all time.


So after the events of Bryan Singer’s “X-Men: Days of the Future Past” where we saw Wolverine get sent back in time to the 1970s to prevent the making of the cure and sentinels which would one day result in the extinction of Mutants, this new X-Men film goes even further back in time to ancient Egypt where we see Apocalypse transfer his consciousness to another body but the regeneration is stalled after Apocalypse and his four horsemen are betrayed which later results in total chaos and destruction. Later in the future in the year 1983 we see that the original members of the X-Men have all gone their own ways with Charles Xavier/Professor X and Hank McCoy/Beast now running a school for the gifted and also recruiting new pupils everyday, Eric/Magneto now living a life in Poland with his family, Raven/Mystique has gone into hiding in Berlin and we also get to see the return of Havoc who helps Charles Xavier at the school and with his travels and we later see him introduce his younger brother Scott Summers to Xavier’s school for the gifted. 

Everything in 1983 seems peaceful until Agent Moira of the CIA discovers a cave full of ancient ruins and later witnesses the awakening of Apocalypse, who tries to adapt to the future which he has woken up in and later goes on the hunt to find his four horsemen. The awakening to Apocalypse causes a lot of fear and later results in total chaos after he plans to destroy the world and build a new one but thankfully Apocalypse is stopped when old and new X-Men team up to save the world.

Is this the best X-Men film yet?

In my opinion I think that X-Men: Apocalypse was a good film but it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be, I felt that the film was full of too much material and that the whole story was rushed with everything happening too quick.


Now as you may all already know Apocalypse is one of the biggest villains in the Marvel Universe alongside the likes of Thanos, Galactus and other major Marvel supervillains. Now if you look at how Marvel Studios and Disney have built the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the amount of success they’ve achieved then you know that the plan they are using is working really well. Marvel own the rights to every Marvel superhero except the X-Men and Fantastic Four characters which are owned by 20th Century Fox.

20th Century Fox have done a brilliant job in building up the X-Men films to the big events of “X-Men: Days of the Future Past” which was the biggest X-Men film yet but after that they revealed that the next film would be “X-Men: Apocalypse” I think they made it too quick. I think that they should have maybe learned something from Marvel and shpuld have released 2 or 3 films which would build up to the big Apocalypse event or they should have gone for a better option and bought back the original X-Men cast for “X-Men: Apocalypse” and maybe have the film build up to Wolverine 3 and the X-Force. If 20th Century Fox had gone for the present day X-Men to fight Apocalypse then we would have been able to see the huge possibility of a Deadpool and X-Men crossover and it would have made the studio more competitive with Marvel and fans would have been able to understand what order to see the X-Men films.


Now even though X-Men: Apocalypse was kind of rushed, I think it was a good film and I absolutely enjoyed seeing Evan Peters return as Quicksilver again who I think stole the show in an amazing speed sequence.

Out of all the X-Men films I would say that the best film yet is “X-Men: Days of the Future Past” because it was full of everything a superhero film fan would want, it had the action, the humour, the adventure and it was brilliant.

X-Men: Apocalypse has kind of let myself and many X-Men fans down and for that I’m going to give it a 4/10 because the film didn’t live up to my expectations and it was in my opinion poorly structured.

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Written by Riaz Osman – @OsmanRiaz98 –


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