How the X Men universe can compete with the MCU.

The X Men franchise is known to be one of the most successful superhero franchises but since the launch of the Marvel Cinematic Universe the X Men franchise has gotten under a lot of pressure and has been facing a lot of competition but is still capable of competing with Marvel and DC.


Bryan Singer who has directed many X Men films including the upcoming X Men film “X Men: Apocalypse” has said that the X Men world has endless possibilities, he said “It’s every bit as large, and now that we’ve altered the timeline, there are endless possibilities”.

Speaking of endless possibilities, I think that after the huge success 20th Century Fox has achieved with Deadpool and with the second X Men trilogy coming to an end with “X Men: Apocalypse” 20th Century Fox and producer Simon Kinberg should create a lineup of films which they could release over the next few years and maybe have them all lead up to an Avengers type film where the X Men, Fantastic Four, Deadpool and New Mutants team up to battle an evil threat.

For example here is a good lineup which would do well and make lot of fans happy.

Wolverine 3 (2017)

The New Mutants (2017)

Deadpool 2 (2018)

X Men: The Dark Pheonix (2018)

Fantastic Four (2019)

The Fantastic Four vs X Men (2020)

Then they could later introduce the X Force, Alpha Flight, Gambit and Silver Surfer in the next lineup of films and have another big team up at the end.

This would be a great if 20th Century Fox did something like this because then they would easily be able to compete with Marvel and DC.

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Written by Riaz Osman @OsmanRiaz98