Film Review: Captain America: Civil War – The best Marvel film yet!

Marvel’s first film in their third phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was finally released across the globe. Many Marvel and film fans were absolutely excited to see their favourite Avengers characters fight each other for the first time on the big screen.img_20160415_173356.jpg

Captain America: Civil War continues from where Avengers: Age of Ultron left off from with (Chris Evans) Cap and (Scarlett Johansson) Black Widow leading a new team of Avengers on a mission to Nigeria to put an end to the madness caused by Crossbones, but everything ends badly after a huge explosion caused by Crossbones kills many innocent civilians and destroying a few buildings.


The UN has been watching the Avengers for a long time and has kept record of their actions and after the events of New York, London, Washington DC, Sokovia and Nigeria they feel it is time they should have full control over the Avengers Initiative so they release the Superhero Registration Act which later leads to the Avengers splitting into two teams with Team Cap being against the idea and Team Iron Man supporting it.

The film was great and had a great plot line with the film mostly circulating around Iron Man, Captain America and Bucky. In this film we see Iron Man in a very different way, we see him scared of losing his fellow Avengers like in the vision he was shown by Scarlett Witch in Age of Ultron and thinks signing up is the right thing for them to do. We continue to see the bromance between Captain America and Bucky develop with Cap trying to protect Bucky from harm and help get out whatever HYDRA put in his head. We are also introduced to a new villain Baron Zemo who gets the Avengers to fight each other and is hungry for vengeance, I think we may see more of him in upcoming films.

There were a lot of new things and I think that we learned a lot more about a few of the characters such as Bucky Barnes’s past and how he became the violent assassin HYDRA made him to be and the death of Tony Stark’s parents. We were also introduced to new characters which may potentially appear in future Marvel films such as the Black Panther, Spider Man and Baron Zemo.


Tom Holland was great as Spider-Man and made a small appearance which was enough to give fans a taste of what the new Spider-Man was like. In my opinion I thought Tom Holland was spectacular as Spider Man and I think Kevin Feige has done a brilliant job in bringing fans the right version of the webslinger.


The film had a few fight sequences but I must say my favourite was the airport fight when we  got to see Ant Man become the Giant Man and Spider-Man swing around battling a few of the Avengers. It was a great experience enjoying the jokes from Ant Man amd Spider-Man, they are both great and funny characters.

In my opinion I think this is by far the best Marvel film yet, it had a great story, plot and was full of everything a Marvel fan would love to see and for that reason I’m going to give it a 9/10.

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Written by Riaz Osman – @OsmanRiaz98 –


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