Can Virtual Reality improve the film experience?

Virtual Reality has become something a lot of people are excited to see become a reality and is something they have been talking about for the past few years.


We’ve seen the amazing piece of technology in Sci – Fi films over the years, but now it seems that we could be seeing the amazing technology bought to life as many big tech companies have created their own virtual reality products which could be released later on this year.


Many companies that have designed their own virtual reality products to provide people with different features but most are looking make the product something which people can use as a device to experience gaming in a fun way.

I think with the amazing piece of kit being released soon I would love to see Hollywood try and use the product to try and take the films to a whole new level by giving film fans the opportunity to put on the virtual reality headset and to experience something new and escape into the world of the film and enjoy themselves.


Can you imagine putting on a headset and experiencing a movie as if you’re seeing everything from that character’s eyes, to me that would be awesome!

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Written by: Riaz Osman @OsmanRiaz98