Film Review: Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Return To The Galaxy Far Far Away!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens finally arrived to our theatres, opening the door to welcome us back to the galaxy far far away.

It has been nearly ten years since we saw the final film of the Star Wars prequel trilogy “The Revenge of the Sith” which many fans thought would be the end of the Star Wars franchise but after a couple of years with no Star Wars films, Walt Disney Studios bought Lucasfilm & the Star Wars franchise which meant that we finally could finally return of the Galaxy Far Far Away and with the franchise now under Disney’s ownership it meant that fans could expect more stories and adventures in the Star Wars world. 

Star Wars: The Force Awakens takes place after the events of The Return of the Jedi and brings back the original Star Wars cast members Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamil alongside some new cast members Daisy Ridley, Oscar Isaac, John Boyega, Lupita Nyongo, Adam Rider, and Andy Serkis.

The action in this film was amazing, there were moments when the whole audience was bought to the edges of their seats when a big fight happened and there were a lot of  people within the audience left with their jaws wide open when the tension increased. The film also contained some comedy which really brightened up the theme in some places and there was of course some scenes which made viewers show empathy for a certain character. 

The Force Awakens introduced a new batch of characters such as Poe, Rey and Finn who were fighting for the Resistance (aka the Rebellion). We also saw new villains Kylo Ren who served Lord Snoke at the First Order alongside General Hux and Captain Phasma.

I felt that the film had a good plot and it really allowed people to explore and get to know these new characters. It was actually great to see the new characters as the main focus in the first hour of the film before getting to see some of the original characters because not only did it allow fans to settle in and get used to Poe, Rey, Finn, BB8 and Kylo Ren but it bought a new and fresh energy to the film series to give it that extra boost when we saw the original characters (Han Solo, Chewbacca, Leia and the rest) and new team up in the second hour to try and escape the wrath of the First Order.


With the film being the first in the new trilogy there was a lot going on and we saw a lot of battles between the First Order and the Resistance. The film was great and we got to see a lot of action from every character but I felt that Captain Phasma maybe should have got more screen time so we could see what type of character she was and how she acted against everyone else.

We were introduced to a new Sith Lord “Snoke” who was the master of Kylo Ren. Snoke looked evil and was mainly seen on a hologram which made him look even more big and frightening. There have been rumours going around about the possibility of Snoke ‘s real identity as Darth Plagues but I will talk about that in another blog.

The best characters for me in the film were Captain Poe Dameron and Rey, they were both amazing and bought something new to the galaxy far far away, although I would have loved it if Oscar Isaac had got more screen time as Poe.

Daisy Ridley who played Rey was absolutely extraordinary, her acting was brilliant and to be honest I think she was by far the best performer in the whole film.

There were a lot of action sequences with some showing some resemblance to the fight scenes of the original Star Wars films, with continues battles between the First Order and the Resistance. I think the fights could have been more explosive if there had been more Jedis. 


The Force Awakens was fantastic and I really enjoyed the film and I really admire the way in which Walt Disney Studios have bought back the Star Wars franchise, it truly is amazing. 

I am really excited about Star Wars: Episode 8 and cannot wait to see what happens next, I also think we may see more of Luke Skywalker and more Jedi vs Sith lord fights in the next film and hopefully some answers to a couple mysteries which The Force Awakens has left us with.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens was absolutely fantastic and I’m going to award it a 9/10!
We will be seeing an anthology film next which is Star Wars: Rogue One which is said to take place between Revenge of the Sith and New Hope so I’m sure we will all be looking forward to that one. 

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